Review: The Dean's List at University of Denver MusicFest

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Photo Credit: Jordan Loyd

This past Saturday, I checked out the University of Denver's end of the year concert, DU MusicFest. The lineup, consisting of Brenton Duvall, The Dean's List, Chris Webby, and local DJ duo Jujje, was great to me and probably many of you readers, but was pretty meaningless to the majority of DU students. Regardless, I was hyped, and I went into the show with some pretty high expectations. Being a school show, it started early, with Brenton Duvall going on at 7. Even though I was hyped to see him, that's just too early, and I had to miss Mr. Duvall. I arrived to the show at 8, before the Dean's List went on. The show took place in the "Gates Fieldhouse," a pretty large venue, probably holding 1-2 thousand people, however, there was hardly anyone in there. By the time the Dean's List went on, there were probably 100 people there. Who would've thought college kids in Denver don't like music? The Dean's List came onstage to a huge, very hyped response from the diminutive audience. I, not knowing much about The Dean's List, was very surprised that they came onstage with DJ Mendoza flanked by a bassist and drummer. I was very excited for what they would add to The Dean's List's sound. As soon as the music started, everyone starting jumping along to rapper/frontman Sonny Shotz. Maybe they couldn't see how few people there were in the crowd, but The Dean's List still gave the show their all. The Dean's List was rowdy on stage, and it translated to awesome crowd energy from those in attendance. The group ran through a majority of their newest mixtape, The Drive-in, with highlights being "Dear Professor" and "All Systems Go." [soundcloud url=""] The Dean's List - "Dear Professor" [soundcloud url=""] The Dean's List -"All Systems Go" Read more to see a little video of The Dean's List show brought to you by Live Bold Die Old and my overall grade of the show. Overall, I give the Dean's List's performance in 8 out of 10. They did their best, but a concert just isn't the same without that many people. Anyway, keep up with The Dean's List on Twitter and if you haven't downloaded their mixtape yet, get it from their website.

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