Review: The Belle Brigade at Grand Performances

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On Friday, I wasn't working so I decided to take the train to Downtown LA and catch a FREE performance of Los Angeles pop gems The Belle Brigade at Grand Performances in Downtown LA. Apparently the band had performed more songs that previous acts that performed outdoors at Grand Performances. The Belle Brigade performed 7 songs, most off their self-titled debut album (iTunes) and a couple cuts from their upcoming album which they are currently in the studio working on after touring for months earlier this year. This was one of their few performances as a trio, as they added a bassist recently. They were very personable, their songs had this catchy vibe that just clings to you and at the end, they even got a standing ovation from the crowd. My favorite track they performed had to be "Where Not To Look For Freedom" with dazzling harmonies and everybody clapping along, created such catchy California pop vibes that's hard not to like. Watch the interesting music video to "Where Not To Look For Freedom" below.

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