Review: Tarfest 2015 with Gavin Turek and The Shelters

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Last Saturday I caught two shows in one day. The first show I went to was a mini-festival free at La Brea Tar Pits called Tarfest. It was the 13th Annual Tarfest and this year they had sexy singer/dancer Gavin Turek headline and emerging psychedelic rock band The Shelters perform before her. We caught these two acts and they were both delightful to the diverse all-ages crowd. It was truly a fun experience going to Tarfest and seeing these two acts so let's get to my review of them. We got there as The Shelters were halfway done with their set but it didn't matter as they rocked out, providing music a little more heavy than Tame Impala but similar, were going to a psychedelic rocking rabbit hole. It was a pretty fun experience and I'm definitely keeping an eye and ear on The Shelters as their debut EP drops October 30, can't wait for that. I talked with Evan from their label that manages them and they only started performing together in January so big things are on the way for The Shelters. Their style is upbeat rock n roll and my favorite song is "Birdwatching" and I also like "Really Wanted You". Stream it below and download "Birdwatching" here. Next we saw Gavin Turek strut her stuff as she danced in a fringe dress that really showed the sexy dance moves shes got as she sang catchy pop tune after catchy pop tune. She's truly a delight to watch and hear perform as she bring a fun light pop show that's easy to get into. She's collaborated with my favorite disco-funk band Tuxedo doing back-up vocals on their debut album as well as performing on some shows with them. She most recently collaborated with DJ/producer Tokimonsta on an album that is pretty interesting and solid, I like it but I really love her electro pop material like "Don't Fight It" and "Pride". Below stream "Don't Fight It", "Pride" as well as the "You're Invited" EP from Gavin Turek/Tokimonsta.

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