Review: Steed Lord and Flower Drums live at Los Globos

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Last Thursday I saw international music coming to LA in the form of Iceland's best electro dance pop trio Steed Lord and Australian psychedelic/dream pop band Flower Drums at Los Globos in Silverlake, California. The Icelandic hipsters were out in full force supporting Iceland band Steed Lord and although it wasn't the largest crowd until the headliner Steed Lord got everybody dancing, it was still a fun show filled with new songs I have come to enjoy. I don't particularly remember all the songs I heard although I do remember Body Parts spinning the best indie dance pop in between sets, Australia's Flower Drums playing some relaxing dreamy pop that is easy to enjoy. What I remember most about Flower Drums is the whole band performs barefoot as if the stage doesn't carry any germs or bacteria. But the barefoot, hippy-style on stage really bodes well with their musical style and I enjoyed not only listening to the band but watching them perform as well. Maybe a bright future ahead for these Aussies. Hard to remember which song I liked the most from Flower Drums, so I'll go with their last two releases, "Birthday Girl" and "Swim Down", very laid back shoe gaze pop fun. Next came on a band I didn't enjoy at all because the sound was way too loud and I couldn't talk to my friend while listening to their music. I won't mention their name but they made Steed Lord sound all the better when they finally came on after 11pm last Thursday night. This was my second time seeing Steed Lord, having seen them at the now-defunct Pacific Festival back in 2012 where @evanwish1 and I thought they were one of the best acts there since they are electronic dance music with vocals, so it's not just two DJs behind the turntables but the two dudes in the group are on keyboards and synths actually producing the catchy electro pop instrumentals while their vocal diva extraordinaire, Kali, is bringing the dance tunes to life with her refreshing vocals that are really a throwback to the enjoyable disco scenes of the 70's and 80's but sound contemporary due to their two talented producers Eddie and Mega. Hard to pinpoint my favorite songs they played since I enjoyed all of them and love this band so below is a video of them performing "Secret Love" live at Los Globos last Thursday, stream their latest release, "Curtain Call", and one of my favorites, "Hear Me Now"

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