Review: St. Lucia, Capital Cities and Two Door Cinema Club live at The Greek

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First time at the Greek on November 2nd and what an amazing time sitting in section A to see St. LuciaCapital Cities and Two Door Cinema Club. Read my review below. I love all three of these acts so I'll just describe my experience at The Greek Theatre, takes about 10-15 minutes to actually park in their stacked parking lot but luckily we got front of our row so we knew we wouldn't have to wait for anybody leaving the venue later. As we are walking up towards the venue, we hear St. Lucia singing his second to last song, "Elevate", which is my favorite from him. By the time we reached the venue, he had finished playing but at least I heard "Elevate" as I got into the venue. When we got into the venue, we were shocked there is absolutely zero security doing any sort of checking. My brother, who accompanied me to the show was so shocked, he started talking to these two latin dudes he noticed were pulling beer's out of their pockets. So if you go to The Greek Theatre, feel free to sneak in whatever you want as long as it's not in plain sight. Next came Capital Cities who were simply amazing. They know how to get the crowd dancing and singing along to everything they do. It actually felt great to watch them perform live at this venue because so many people around me knew the words to most of their songs unlike at other shows where people only knew the lyrics of "Safe and Sound". I loved all their songs, most of which came off their album except their cover to Bee Gees' "Staying Alive". Lastly came Two Door Cinema Club who didn't disappoint! Although I felt Capital Cities may have been the best that night, Two Door Cinema Club played hit after hit. If I knew more of the lyrics to TDCC songs like I do with Capital Cities, then maybe I would have liked them more, however both were awesome and I definitely recommend seeing them live! Here's their latest album, Beacon, I have too many favorites but if you must know, listen to "Sun", "Next Year" and "Handshake".

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