Review: Real Estate at The Fonda Theatre *chill indie relaxation tunes

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Almost two weeks ago I saw Real Estate perform at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. I enjoyed most of the songs and constantly felt like I would most enjoy hearing them live if I was on a roller coaster backwards and in slow motion, that's how their music feels. Hard to tell you my favorite song since most of their records have this chill laid back indie rock vibe that's easy to enjoy but also easy to forget. Below was the song I loved hearing them perform the most, which was a cover of the Neil Young track, "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" in which they brought out supporting act The Shiloh's to help them cover it. It was delightful yet the tone sad but very enjoyable because most of the crowd got into it and sang along. I also enjoyed the song "Easy", which perfectly captures their laid back vibe.

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