Review: Penguin Prison live at Echoplex

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Saturday night I saw one of the best performances of a DJ singing ever in Brooklyn's Chris Glover aka Penguin Prison performing live at Echoplex. The only other DJ who also sang that possibly rivals how awesome of a performance I saw Saturday night might be that of Mystery Skulls back in October at Culture Collide Festival. Penguin Prison's set went by super quick because it was so enjoyable and his 45 minute performance felt like 15-20 minutes because he was so entertaining. Very easy to sing along and dance to his jams, his production is really top-notch, vocals were on point with the effects he utilized while singing and he opened with a Prince cover and didn't screw up! If you like to dance and sing along to live performances at concerts, Penguin Prison is definitely a must-see! I loved just about all the songs he performed live so here's "Don't Fuck With My Money", his single from his 2011 self-titled debut album which I highly recommend checking out and following this dude on soundcloud.

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