Review: Moshav, Purdue Avenue at the @MintLA

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Last Thursday, I attended The Mint in West Los Angeles to see Purdue Avenue and Moshav. This was truly a special night of music filled with plenty of up-and-coming American-Jewish musicians including Yael Mayer whose been featured on MTV and had songs licensed in many huge commercials. Read my full review below. Moshav is a five-piece band from Israel whose sound is as diverse as each member of the group. When they performed, I heard instances of reggae, folk, rock and a worldly sound that is both hard to ignore while also have a soft that is hard not to like. Sometimes I felt their music would be perfect for somebody wandering in a desert, forest or some exotic landscape one hasn't previously experienced. Other times, I was dancing a bit to their music, finding their tunes somewhat catchy and feeling a bond toward their sound. It seemed like they performed forever, however most of it was enjoyable with  the #1 Jewish MC, Kosha Dillz, even gracing the stage for an impromptu freestyle that got the crowd really hyped up. Stream Moshav's latest single, "Light The Way", below. The band I truly came to see was Purdue Avenue, who I discovered from talking to their bassist at a Jewish young professionals event and after listening to their music, fell in love with their punk pop sound that reminds me of a raw mix between Weezer and Sublime. I enjoyed just about every song they performed, with them starting with one of my favorite song's "I Love Music" (featured on BYNH 7) and closing with my other favorite from them "Gotta Be". Not only did they create catchy punk pop vibes but the lead singer rapped at times and the harmonizing, which I wish they did way more, was also spot-on when the other members of the band decided to sing along. Their energy can be improved if all the members support the lead singer on their catchy hooks but they create catchy pop/rock vibes that anybody can get into and I highly recommend seeing them live, especially if you want to hear a fun Mike Posner cover. Stream and download "Gotta Be" + stream their newest song, "What U Need" below.

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