Review: Mind the Gap at The Central SAPC

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BYNH 5 feature Mind the Gap began their February residency at The Central SAPC last Tuesday in what will be a rewarding experience for music fans on the westside of LA hoping to catch the up-and-coming alternative band. I had the pleasure of catching their opening residency at the Central, seeing the band perform live for the second time. Here's my favorite from them, "Once You Leave". Click more for my full review of their performance. First time I saw Mind the Gap was on Halloween 2011. The band dressed up as their cultural/ethnic stereotypes, the Jewish lead singer dressing up as a rabbi, the Asian-American lead guitarist dressing up as if he was doing karate, the Southeast Asian keys player dressing up as a monk and the Latino bassist dressing up with a sombrero and such. I thought that the costumes were great and that show was a blast. This time, Mind the Gap didn't wear any crazy costumes, but jammed out as best they could, performing indie pop/rock smangers, getting the crowd on their feet, dancing and clapping along and exciting the crowd of no more than 50. I highly recommend if your in the West Los Angeles/Santa Monica area, you need to catch Mind the Gap live during their weekly February Residency at the Central. It's every Tuesday and each week, Mind the Gap goes on at 10pm. After their set, I met with Dave from Jam in the Van, an excellent concept of artists getting in their RV/van and jamming out in the van. Here's Mind the Gap performing "Find My Way" in the JITV vehicle. They are presenting the MTG Central SAPC residency so be sure to check both JITV and Mind the Gap at The Central SAPC every Tuesday in February! If you like the video you saw above, support Jam in the Van on kickstarter!

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