Review: Mikey Pauker and Scotty Grand at The Hotel Cafe

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Earlier this month I saw Jewish folk musician Mikey Pauker and up-and-coming R&B musician/songwriter Scotty Grand at The Hotel Cafe. Here's my review. Hotel Cafe is the perfect venue in LA for singer/songwriters to lay down some intimate jams and get a small yet passionate concert going crowd in the mood for some good tunes. None of the artists I saw that night at The Hotel Cafe disappointed and I felt Mikey Pauker, even though most of his music leans towards a Jewish spiritual lyric, he's great at getting diverse crowds into his tunes as it's mostly in English and it's not asking you to believe what he believes but only to sing along and lose yourself in his relaxing, yet fun peaceful vibes he brings. It's hard to pick a single favorite since the songs have a similar relaxing spiritual folk vibe that's easy to close your eyes and enjoy or just lose yourself to dance. Below watch the music video to my favorite Mikey Pauker track and also stream his latest release, Extraordinary Love (iTunes). Don't forget to follow him on twitter, @MikeyPauker The last act of the night was emerging R&B sensation Scotty Grand. While Pauker was more relaxing and in the folk style, Scotty had more of a R&B vibe that focused on his booming voice. He played an awesome cover of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" and had a lot of energy with his flamboyant and commanding presence. Look out for his name when your favorite pop star utilizes his songwriting on their next hit track! Listen to his latest track "If This Ain't Love" below and follow him on twitter, @ScottyGrand

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