Review: Make Musica Pasadena *Best FREE festival

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A week and a half ago I went to Make Music Pasadena, a free music festival featuring the likes of Grouplove, Milo Greene, Electric Guest, The Steelwells and many more. Read my review below.

I got there about a third of the way into the show, with 20+ performers already having performed and another 40-50 that were awaiting the opportunity to perform in front of thousands out in Downtown Pasadena, California. I first get there and catch about 10 minutes of Electric Guest and let me tell you, this a legit alternative pop group that will become mainstream acts! The crowd was very into their tunes and even though I heard only a little of their set, I loved about 3 of the 4 songs I heard. The best song I heard from them was "This Head I Hold" their latest single out now on iTunes. Watch the music video below.

Next we went to the nearby park and saw The Steelwells. This was my 2nd time seeing the band and I was real pumped to hear them live again, especially outdoors. Their set took awhile to start as there were sound issues. Once the set began, I couldn't help but wonder why I enjoyed seeing them so much the 1st time. Maybe a more engaged audience, maybe a smaller venue creating better acoustics. Either way, this was not their best performance as I didn't hear my favorite song, "The Dance Is Out Of Our Hands" and frankly didn't know most of the songs they did because they hadn't been released yet.

Problem with The Steelwells is when they played new songs, you enjoyed the song, but didn't know the title of it or have any reason to remember the song as the album isn't out yet. However I did know 1 song, "El Capitan"; watch the video below.

Next we went down to see Milo Greene and luckily got a great spot for their performance. This was my 2nd time seeing them and I loved it. The harmonizing was excellent, the songs were chill but catchy with how they all the members of the alternative band sang and got into it. The crowd wasn't as into it as I was as they were just waiting for Grouplove but I loved seeing Milo Greene and highly recommend seeing them live. My favorite was their last song and latest single, "1957". Watch the live session below.

Lastly I saw Grouplove close out the festival. They were high-energy, jumping/dancing and all singing along throughout their set. They were just just to watch and I love almost all their songs now after hearing them live. Watch the official video to my favorite Grouplove song, "Tongue Tied".

Overall a great festival and I wish I went there about an hour or two earlier but nonetheless I loved it.

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