Review: Madi Diaz live at Bootleg Theatre

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A couple days ago, I had the pleasure of seeing electro pop/rock act Madi Diaz at LA's Bootleg Theatre. I originally came to see electro indie pop duo Carousel thinking they would be going on at 9pm but however stumbled upon Madi Diaz, who was a joy live. Before seeing her live, I had only known her music through her vocals being used on what I consider the most underrated summer jam of 2012, Viceroy's "Chase Us Around". Madi Diaz has an 80's vibe minus the reliance on synths and with more of a rock vibe. She's a up-and-coming artist you should keep an eye on as she engages the audience with her booming voice that creates a fun vibe seeing them live. It's very easy to dance to their music and some of the hooks are quite catchy. I highly recommend seeing Madi Diaz live as this is an artist I hope gets the recognition they deserve and get a major record deal as Madi could become a star if connected with the right people and set up open for acts like Tegan & Sara or Haim. Anyways, here's my favorites from Madi Diaz, which is also her newest song. Download "Stay Together" below.

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