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Yesterday, I attended the Mad Decent Block Party in Los Angeles. I saw performances from Zeds DeadTheophilus London, Munchi, Paul Devro, 3Ball MTY, Bonde Do Role, Clockwork, Casey Veggies and Paper Diamond. I pretty much saw every act I wanted to and saw at least one that reaffirmed my belief he will not be a breakout star. Read my review below. I got to LA Center Studios around 12:45 and after waiting in line for a little over an hour, I was inside the event enjoying the diverse electronic sounds of Paper Diamond. He played to the dance/moombahton stylings of Mad Decent, Diplo's record label, while also bringing some heavy bass and catchy electro tunes. I was surprised his set was earlier in the day but they had him start at a great time as he built momentum that carried through the block party. The thing I liked about Paper Diamond is you could tell he was enjoying himself and not pressing play like at least 1 other DJ seemed to be doing later in the day. Download Paper Diamond's latest song, "Time Flies" featuring Russ P and DOWNLOAD "Power" (Paper Diamond Remix) which was my favorite track he performed as it's hard to ignore a Kanye remix. Paper Diamond brought the crowd front and center and Casey Veggies continued off that energy by getting the crowd even more involved. It seemed more people were there for the EDM but Casey Veggies used the audience participation to fuel his set, continually thanking the audience for their support. Although I caught the tail end of his set, my two favorites where the first couple of songs he played beginning in his set that got everybody involved. Watch "CDC" featuring Casey Veggies and "Ridin' Round Town". Building off the hip-hop and trap that Casey Veggies was playing, Clockwork might have been the surprise hit of the show! He was added only the day before the event and as a surprise performer, I was super impressed. He was one of my favorites, with his big room house, live mixing and overall creating this epic party vibe. Stream his latest Titan EP release and download "Weaver". Next came the craziest group I have ever seen live, Bonde Do Rolle, a Brazilian trio with electro-dance/moombahton stylings that kept the crowd paying attention for what they would do next. I was mostly amused by their performance laughing at times when one of the members of the group chugged milk and then proceeded to grab two people from the audience and have them chug milk. Then they brought out a water gun with a dildo on it and shot people in the crowd with water and at times the female in the group would put the dildo near her mouth to make it look like she was sucking on it. Those were just a couple crazy things they did that I vividly remember. Stream their two latest original releases and watch a video of some of their crazy antics yesterday. 3Ball MTY was a Mexican trio of DJs I was not at all familiar with and still don't remember most of their set but they created a great mix of catchy tunes and moombahton you couldn't help but move to. They had some great remixes and overall were a good transition after Bonde Do Role. VIDEO OFICIAL 3Ball MTY - Inténtalo ( Me Prende ) from Mike Rosas on Vimeo. Next came the act I was least impressed with, Paul Devro. He lacked any fluidity to his set, stopping to talk after he finished every song. Each song he played sounded pretty good, but the power went out during 1 song and he stopped during another song to say something. Plus I don't think he spun live, he obviously pressed play on a number of different songs and for someone whose been on this Mad Decent Block Party tour from the beginning, I'm surprised he didn't have a fluid set to play. Stream and download his latest project, Narwhale Unicorn, below. After Paul Devro, I was ready for anything and then another act I hadn't heard of came on, Domincan Republic's Munchi. I can't believe I haven't heard of Munchi, who performed a mix of moombahton and tropical bass and really got the crowd in best dance vibes yesterday, especially when he remixed the familiar oldie "California Dreamin'" by The Eagles. Watch Munchi's latest video and be sure to follow him on soundcloud. After Munchi came Theophilus London, at which point a couple hundred people left to get food & drinks. He started his set playing to the crowd, with trap music and electro-dance vibes and then he played his original material with hits like "I Stand Alone" and "Big Spender". I enjoyed him playing the hits, although there wasn't 1 song where he rapped or sang all of it, usually letting the chorus play out as well as WAY TOO MANY GUN SHOT SOUNDS. The volume of the beats also overwhelmed his rap verses but he got the crowd cheering and singing along when he played the catchy radio hit "Big Spender" & "Girls Girls $". His set started late and ended right on time, which seems like typical Theophilus but I would end the set on time if I heard chants of "We want Zeds Dead" in between songs. Here's my favorite Theophilus London track I heard live, "Girls Girls $". Lastly came the epic performance of Zeds Dead. Not only did Zeds Dead play their original hits, but they remixed Beastie Boys, Fatboy Slim and showed a reverence towards the music that influenced them while bringing out the craziest dances from the crowd as they dropped the bass like no other! Watch a 2-minute video of part of their performance and go to their soundcloud for all their releases. Once they release their Beastie Boys "Intergalactic" remix and Fatboy Slim "Praise You" remix, be sure to visit for it! Overall my favorite performances were from Zeds DeadCasey VeggiesPaper DiamondClockwork and Munchi, while I was disappointed by Theophilus London and Paul Devro. Oh and Bonde Do Role is CRAZY!

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