Review: Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa Live in Florida

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A lot of people hate on Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller for having overwhelmingly white audiences, and of course, a show at a college in South Florida would be no different. The show sold out almost instantly upon being announced, and hype was huge throughout the area with tons of people looking to grab a last minute ticket. The show took place this past Tuesday, 4/19, at Nova University in Ft. Lauderdale, and being a school show, meant that it would be an early show. I had to finish up my Passover seder, so I made it to the show around 8:30, which for this show was pretty late. I missed the opener Mansions on the Moon, and I got into the venue with Mac already on stage. Let me tell you, this dude goes hard. You’d think being a “weed rapper,” he’d be mellow on stage, but Mac, along with his crew, jumped around the stage with reckless abandon for the whole set. The dude went hard for every verse of every song and got the crowd involved on all the hooks. Mac even went acapella a few times for some light speed bars and definitely impressed me with how tight he was able to keep it while spitting so fast. The set had an equal amount of songs from Mac’s past two mixtape Best Day Ever and K.I.D.S, but the one surprise was when he busted out “Swing Set” from his first mixtape The Jukebox. If you’re like most people and only aware of his latest work, do yourself a favor and check out The JukeboxMac has been in the game for a while and his earliest tape definitely holds up. Check out “Swing Set” below and grab The Jukebox here. [soundcloud url=""] Mac’s set was very well thought out, starting with high energy, getting mellow in the middle, and bringing it back for a rowdy ending with his single “Donald Trump.” Mac and his crew went hard for the entirety of his 45ish minute set, and I was very impressed. This dude is still moving up and will be a fixture in the rap game for a while. If you’re in Florida, check out Mac Miller at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale on May 14th. You can by tickets here. The good thing about Rap shows is that the time between sets is far less than with bands. In about 15 minutes, Wiz’s DJ got on stage and spun some songs to get the crowd hyped. In another 10-15 minutes, the hype was building to a fever pitch, and Wiz jumped on stage flanked by his homie and labelmate Chevy Woods. Just like MacWiz’s energy was impressively high for someone who’s impressively high all day. He ran around, jumped on the huge speakers at the sides of the stage, and spun around like a whirling dervish of energy. Wiz’s set was about fifty percent stuff from his newest album Rolling Papers and fifty percent from his mixtapes. Highlights from his set “No Sleep” off Rolling Papers, “Taylor Gang” off his Cabin Fever tape, and of course “Black and Yellow.” My favorite song of the set was a super bassed out version of In the Cut” from Kush & OJ. If you’re a newer fan, check out “In the Cut” below: [soundcloud url=""] I had not seen Mac nor Wiz in concert, but expectations were huge simply considering how much people talk about these guys. Mac and Wiz absolutely delivered. The show was high energy, the crowd was hyped, and both acts had super tight sets. Wiz Khalifa is a devisive name these days, with many people thinking he “went too pop,” but after seeing him live, any of that talk is ridiculous in my eyes. Wiz goes hard and puts his all into his music, especially his live performances. He didn’t sellout. Wiz and Mac are both young dudes and will be fixtures in the rap game for a long time. If you get a chance to see these guys, do it. You will not be disappointed. There’s also a lot of weed. You have to mention that too.

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