Review: Koshachella featuring Kosha Dillz and Y-Love

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Last weeks Coachella festival ended in West LA with Koshachella, a party for the Jewish holiday, Yom Haatzmaut, yesterday at The Joint in West LA. Read more for my review on Kosha Dillz and Y-LoveShtarPurdue Avenue and Diwon. Read  below for my review on Kosha Dillz and Y-Love. We get there kind of early where we witnessed the eclectic hip-hop sounds of Diwon. Then to the stage came hip-hop artist Y-Love. There were only 25 or so fans there when he went on stage, he still brought his energy and kept the crowd dancing. He's got quite the potential and while the fans weren't as enthusiastic as they could have been, I'm now a fan and dig his music. Here's his latest music video, "Famous". Next came your favorite jewish rapper, Kosha Dillz. He got the crowd really into his music with the feel-good track "Hangin' Out" and his upbeat style got everybody dancing or singing along at The Joint. Here's Kosha Dillz latest track, "I Lost My Coachella Ticket", a hip-hop song that's an ode to this years Coachella Festival which features an upbeat production from Sam Barsh of Palter Ego. Also stream another one of my favorite Dillz songs, "Hangin' Out".

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