Review: Kosha Dillz and Dean Risko at Los Globos

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First time going to Los Globos, not the greatest venue but the hip-hop acts I saw, Kosha Dillz and Dean Risko, were pretty dope, especially Dean Risko who stole the show as the little-known headliner that you all should be aware of! Read my review of last Tuesday's show below.  There were other musicians that performed at this event, however I have nothing good to say about them so I'd rather not mention them. Kosha Dillz came on after this average looking female white rapper from the suburbs who was quite awful. She's so bad and yet she paid big bucks for Too $hort to get on her next single, which didn't sound really good. So back to Kosha; he followed up this trash rapper and proceeded to get the whole crowd involved playing a mix of old and new tunes. My favorite that I hadn't heard him perform before was "Let Go" the opening track to his last album, Awkward In A Good Way. Kosha Dillz has lots of energy and if you like hip-hop at all or just appreciate underdog stories, Kosha Dillz is someone you should follow. Stream "Let Go" below. Next came on two white rappers who somehow are touring and struggling to fill up venues. They were considered the headliner but really Dean Risko went on after them and killed it. Unfortunately Dean Risko went on after midnight on a Tuesday night so I had to leave after a few songs and unfortunately the only song I heard him perform that has been released is "Toughen Up".. This time performing, Dean Risko not only brought back his DJ/dope producer but a female vocalist and a bass player who doubles as a singer as well. If Dean Risko puts out hits along the lines of "Trouble" and "Toughen Up" with a mix of stuff he played for us at Los Globos, sky's the limit in terms of potential! Watch "Toughen Up" below.

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