Review: Kisses, YACHT and Poolside at the Santa Monica Pier

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While I didn't catch the entirety of the three acts I saw perform at the Santa Monica Pier for All Hands on Deck, I thoroughly enjoyed this show as it was outdoors with the Pacific Ocean in the backdrop and I got to take an awesome chick to enjoy these upcoming acts with myself. Anyways here's my review of KissesYACHT and Poolside at All Bands On Deck. When we first got there, Kisses had just started their set, playing chill electronic pop jams that aren't easily recognizable but quite catchy and while roaming around the Santa Monica Pier, it was relaxing and quite delightful to listen to while the sun was setting on this beautiful Saturday. I had seen Kisses before but I enjoyed this performance more from them as 1) I remember most of it and 2) I got to see it with an awesome chick instead of a couple of my buddies like I did last time I saw Kisses. Anyways, last time I shared with you "Funny Heartbeat", my favorite song from them, so this time I shall bless you with two songs perfect for the hipster in us. Next came electro pop band YACHT, who are weird as heck but hard NOT to like. The best words to describe their performance was out there. It was tough to remember all their tracks because some I felt indifferent towards while others I saw along to most of. Overall, I'm a bigger fan after seeing them and getting to meet the lead female vocalist of the band was cool, although she was quite distracted and ready to hit the hay. My favorite track was "Dystopia (The Earth is On Fire)" but I'm going to give you another that I became a fan of after hearing it live because it's upbeat and I dig the electro-funk vibe which really got me dancing quite a bit: here's "Utopia". Lastly daytime disco band, Poolside, came on to close out the show. Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of their set except for the last song they performed so I can't offer a valuable review but since I'd seen them three times already before, I wasn't so disappointed as these guys just jam out with great vibes throughout the whole set. If there's one act in Los Angeles you need to listen to, it's Poolside, their sound is accessible and soothing to anybody. Here's "Take Me Home", a chill track that provides the perfect soundtrack for day dreaming. Photos courtesy of 987 LA.

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