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Pretty much every school has an end of the year music festival to reward their students for a good year of homework, partying, etc, and it’s a great thing when they bring really good music to their students. The University of Colorado did just that when they brought Glowfest to campus this past Friday night. Colorado is huge into electronic music, and it was great to see that the CU Program Council not only catered to their audience, but had enough of a budget to throw such a big show that they were so passionate about. A lot of other schools can learn a thing or two from this group. Glowfest promised to be a big night of electronic music with promising local acts as well as some real big names. Read the rest of the review after the jump Being a school show, it was scheduled to run from 6-11:30 pm, which is bad timing for this kind of show, but of course it was not the Program Council's idea. Sadly, I had to miss the first two acts McAdoo and THiCK CHiCK because of things like dinner and pregaming. However, I’ve heard nothing but good things about these dudes. There are so many up-and-coming local DJs and producers in Colorado that it’s hard to separate oneself from the crowd, but these guys did it. You can find McAdoo and THiCK CHiCK on the bill of pretty much every electronic show that comes through the area. Check out some tracks of theirs below: McADOO - Rave the Otherside [soundcloud url=""] THiCK CHiCK promo mix 2011 [soundcloud url=""] Fresh2Death I got to GlowFest at 8:00, just in time to see another local group, Fresh2Death hit the stage. The duo, comprised of Greg Fisk and Ben Samples, play an original sounding combination of hip-hop and dubstep. With these guys, dubstep doesn’t mean huge whomps and wobbles typical of acts like Rusko, Skrillex, and Bassnectar. They just bring fat, funky basslines and dirty grooves. Basically, their formula is to make create huge beats and sprinkle them with hip-hop accapellas. I would describe them as less dubstep and more hip-hop vibes. Check out a dope mix of there’s below and you’ll see what I’m talking about: Fresh2Death - Grassroots California Mixtape [soundcloud url=""] Overall, Fresh2Death’s set was very enjoyable and not that intense, which served as a great way to warm up the night. The crowd was dancing, the DJs were dancing, and they went hard for their 40ish min set. Fresh2Death has actually spread their wings out of Colorado and you kind find them at shows all across the country either as Fresh2Death or as the duo’s solo monikers Ben Samples and Fisk *Treethugger. Follow them on Facebook and check out their website for more music. Sorry for Partying Next act on deck was local favorites Sorry for Partying. You’ve probably heard about them because one of their members, Nick Guarino runs the huge music blog This dude is a real music entrepreneur, and I hope to see this kid and his group succeed. They deserve it. Anyway, I was wary of how energetic their set would be, having opened for Porter Robinson at the Fox theatre the night before, and surely they must be exhausted. However, that was not the case at all. Maybe it’s the idea of playing a huge show in front of over 3,000 people, or maybe they’re just great ragers, but they had tons of energy and absolutely killed it. Check out their track "Warp a Mili" Sorry for Partying is an electronic-themed mash-up group, which was perfect for this setting. I was not in the state of mind to remember the exact songs they did, but the entire set was high energy and the crowd was going nuts. Typically, when people think of mash-ups, they think of an accappella played over a different backing track, but these guys take it next level. They don’t do the Girl Talk, ADD style type stuff, but they definitely improvise in their live shows. Sorry for Partying experimented and let some of their tracks ride for some groovy extended sections. I had heard a lot of Sorry for Partying’s music before, but they absolutely blew me away live. By the time Sorry for Partying got offstage, the crowd was fired up for the headliners, a Crystal Castles DJ Set and Savoy. Crystal Castles (DJ Set) I’m not too familiar with Crystal Castle’s music, but I knew a DJ set was a rare treat, so I was pumped. A Crystal Castles DJ set meant that it would only be producer Ethan Kath on stage, which I knew would be quite different from their usual stuff. Anyway, the set started off a little slow, with the music seeming a little too weird for the crowd, especially because the house DJ spinning in between sets played more mainstream stuff. I couldn’t tell you what songs Crystal Castles played, but the set definitely picked up and started raging after about 10 minutes. The music was definitely a little weirder, but the beats were driving and the drops were massive. The set was definitely a hit. I’m definitely going to catch Crystal Castles next time I can. Check out their track "Celestica" [soundcloud url=""] After the set, the energy was at a fever pitch. By the time the house DJ came back on, the crowd, which had been giving mild attention, was raging with this dude. Savoy’s set was going to be huge. I looked down at my phone, and it was already 11:15. I figured the concert was going to go past 11:30. Savoy Yes, Savoy’s set was massive. They were the only group to employ the laser capacities of the venue’s light set-up, which definitely added something to the party, and Savoy killed it for the entirety of their hour-long set. I’m not familiar with their individual songs, but they bring the party…hard. Their beats were full of funky, danceable house jams with the occasional fat dubstep track thrown in. The one track I did recognize was a dub remix to Damien Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock." Check it below: [soundcloud url=""] The crowd was going nuts, even though many had been seriously going hard for about 6 hours. Savoy brought tons of energy with their unique brand of dance jams. By the time their set ended, it was around 1:00 am, and I was exhausted. Check out this video of Savoy live at the Glowfest to get a taste of the madness: Overall the show was a major success. Rumor has it that Glowfest was close to selling out it's 3,500 person capacity, and every band ripped up the stage. I just want to end with some congratulations to the CU Program Council for throwing this awesome event. Other schools, take notes.

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