Review: French Horn Rebellion and Hey Champ's farewell show

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About a week and a half ago, I had the pleasure of seeing French Horn Rebellion and Hey Champ at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. Read my review below. The show started late as Hoodie Allen hosted an all-age show at The Roxy earlier that night. It's kind of weird how I saw him nearly 4 years ago at On The Rox, the small venue upstairs from The Roxy and now he's back performing at The Roxy but this time for teenage girls and white college students. Here's our video interview with him 3 and a half years ago. Anyways, French Horn Rebellion was real cool. It's two brothers that produce the music and they bring an awesome band that overall has a ton of energy. They have this alternative electro pop sound that's at times catchy but also has pleasant beats and production I enjoy very much. It was hard to hear the vocals at times because the instrumentals were so overpowering and fun but I'd highly recommend catching this band. My favorites were "Caaalifornia", "This Moment" and "Friday Nights". An act I've been wanting to see for awhile, Hey Champ, I was able to see and although I enjoyed some of their tracks, I really liked them because Lupe Fiasco believed in them, they collaborated with The Cool Kids once and yet have no sound that is hip-hop. The problem I had with Hey Champ is their music sounds better on headphones than live because of the outstanding beats and synth production. However they are a fun band and although that might have been their last performance ever as the lead singer said it was their farewell show, I recommend checking out their tunes as it's real smooth synth pop production. Below watch "Cold Dust Girl" the last song they performed, "Comet" and "Cliche" which have been the song I most enjoyed and wish I knew more of the words to.

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