Review: Freedom Fry, Run River North, The Colourist and The Bird And The Bee live in Pasadena

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Last Saturday I attended the Taste of South Lake Festival in South Pasadena, California, seeing Freedom FryRun River NorthThe Colourist and The Bird and The Bee for FREE at this community music and food festival that supports local Pasadena businesses. Not only did I eat delicious local cuisine food that cost little nothing and have a few free samples but I got to sing and dance along to some of my favorite up and coming acts and see The Bird And The Bee live which was pretty fun. Here's my review. When we got there, Freedom Fry was probably about 5 or 6 songs into their set and we got to see the last 3 songs performed. Two of the last three songs performed, "21" and "Shaky Ground", are two of my favorites from the emerging campfire pop guitar trio that just had this pleasant sound you'd love to hear at an outdoor summer party, a small burning man gathering or an intimate party around a campfire. Freedom Fry is a lot of fun live and were really nice to meet after. Stream "21" and a song that I absolutely love, "Shaky Ground". Keep an eye out on this band, they have tons of potential to create fun music that you can listen to on an epic road trip. Next is my favorite Southern California indie folk rock band, Run River North. To be honest, they could have performed "Fight To Keep", the single performed in a Honda that went viral on youtube and led them to performing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show a couple years ago. Instead they played mostly new songs that won't even come out until February! It was a bit frustrating to hear only 3 songs they've put out that they performed with a ton of their new yet-to-be-released tracks sprinkled throughout their set. However their new songs are GREAT! They are more upbeat, more rock than harmonized folk and quite fun. I think I heard a single in one of the last songs they did in between "Foxbeard" and "Monsters Calling Home". Stream the three currently released Run River North songs they performed below, "Run River Run", "Foxbeard" and "Monsters Calling Home". Look out for their 2nd album to drop in February 2016. Next up came Orange County electro indie rock/pop band The Colourist. They were the most fun and catchy band of all the acts that we saw live as they performed many catchy pop/rock hits that are radio and family friendly. I especially loved "Little Games", "We Won't Go Home", and "When I'm Away". Also their Haddaway "What Is Love" cover was fantastic and got the crowd really dancing and singing along. This group deserves to go on a national tour opening up for some fun upbeat indie pop/rock band like Smallpools or Magic Man. I love the contrast in vocals between the female drummer and male lead singer, this band just screams catchy SoCal fun. Stream "Little Games", "When I'm Away" and "We Won't Go Home" below. To close out Taste of South Lake Festival was The Bird and The Bee. At this point, the event got pretty crowded although the bands before them were incredible. This was The Bird And The Bee's first time in a long time for them to invite their family and children to see them perform as it was a free all-ages event so they cherished that very much and it was cute to see the lead singer sing and dance with the 5-piece band's children in the front steps under the band. Overall it was a cute family fun performance and I understand why this band has so many fans. Watch "Will You Dance" and "Polite Dance Song" below.

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