Review: Free Energy at The Echo *best rock band I've ever seen for free!

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This past Monday I saw the final night of Philly rock band Free Energy's residency at The Echo in Los Angeles. There wasn't a single song I didn't like in their set and I've fallen in love with how much this band rocks out and how much energy lead singer Scott Wells and the band have. Free Energy, a 5-piece rock band out of Philadelphia, which includes a couple guitarists, a bassist, drummer and one kick-ass lead singer is awesome! Not only is the lead singer flanked by two guitarists all singing along to many parts of the song in perfect harmony, but they rock out with catchy hooks that get the crowd singing along too and gets those hipsters unfolding their arms (shocker) and actually dancing! I've seen some great free shows lately but Free Energy is the best rock band I've ever seen for free!  If you like to sing along to catchy rock songs reminiscent of Journey and smile because everybody around you is doing the same thing, then I highly recommend seeing Free Energy! I loved all the songs but my favorites were the opening song, "Free Energy" which is beyond infectious, "Hope Child", "Hangin", "Street Surviver" and "Electric Fever". Download Free Energy's latest album, Love Sign (buy). Like them on facebook too!

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