Review: Fool's Gold and Isaac Rother & The Phantoms at Echoplex

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Last Thursday I witnessed Isaac Rother & The Phantoms and Fool's Gold live at The Echoplex as part of Red Bull Sound Select's monthly LA concert series showcasing underrated bands. It was truly a great show with Isaac Rother & The Phantoms bringing a 60's and 70's psychedelic rock pop variety that was catchy and fun. We first get there to Rother & The Phantoms rocking out with their 60's Rock N Roll style as lead singer Isaac Rother has this powerful presence with him and the other two guitarists in a simple choreography when they performed most songs and the two backup vocalists/dancers also getting the crowd going with their 1960s dancing. It was truly entertaining even if you didn't like the music very much. However I really enjoyed the rock n roll and the appeal of The Phantoms who straight up kicked ass on stage with their booming presence. This band should be headlining a Halloween show or featured in some prom vampire/werewolf video. Either way, the music is like an un-raunchy version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show meets 60s Rock N Roll. Here's a couple music videos from the band. Next came Fool's Gold, a band that has influences from West African music as well tropical pop music that could start one of the most underrated desert parties in the world. This group is too cool to open for Vampire Weekend although the influences are similar, the sound is certainly not with Fool's Gold producing this chill vibe to go alongside their fiery live show which was incredible to watch. I love Fool's Gold, not because the two main members of the group are Jewish and sang some of the songs in Hebrew, but their songs are just laid back desert party fun. Before I started writing this review, I literally read some of the reviews of their previous material and watched some videos for their songs in hopes I could find some good content to share with you that would convince you how awesome Fool's Gold is. I found "Surprise Hotel", my favorite from them and one of their latest songs "I'm In Love" from their latest album, Flying Lessons. However I loved all their songs so after the first two I told you about, I'll give you a one more, "The Dive".

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