Review: Echo Park Rising *Harriet Brown, Happyness, Survive

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Last weekend I attended Echo Park Rising for a few hours and caught acts that were mostly forgettable except for Harriet Brown, an Asian male with a bowl cut who might be the 2nd coming of Prince! Here's my review of the acts I saw below. I arrived around 4:30 and missed out on some awesome acts I wanted to see including Max and The Moon and Roses but that's okay because I knew I'd see some other solid acts. First I came upon this four-piece keyboard band called Survive. It's pretty impossible to find any of their music on the internet because there band is called Survive but they were actually awesome. However if Survive is reading this, please invest in lights and smoke as they sounded much like Com Truise but without the effects. So instead of their synth-wave and beat-centric sound being trippy and fun and easy to dance to, it was sad as everybody got to enjoy their beats in a dark room in Echoplex. Since I can't find their music I can't really give you anything to listen to :/ Next my buddy and I went upstairs and saw three-piece UK garage/alt rockers Happyness. They were a solid band but will I remember this bands performance years from now, I doubt it. However they have a good rock sound and if you like FIDLAR or Mac Demarco, you'd like them. After they performed I later ran into the lead singer of this band and told them the truth, that I thought they were solid. Here's "Anything I Do Is All Right". Lastly I went back down stairs to catch Harriet Brown, who former BtB writer @Britt0Witt recommended I check out for something more upbeat or at least kind of funky. Harriet Brown is AMAZING, I highly recommend everybody check him out. He has this romantic funk vibe that reminds me of Prince and he has a BOWL CUT, that's awesome because I've never seen anybody over 16 years old with a bowl cut and this is a grown man with one! Brown utilizes Synthesizers, drum machines, guitar, and brazen vocals to create a future romantic funk that is entirely influenced by Prince; Harriet Brown is creating a new kind of romantic funk. His journey has just begun, and he seeks to share himself with all who are willing to receive. So come and get freaky with your very own Harriet Brown. My favorite from Harriet Brown was "Control My Mind" and check out his latest track "20/15" which is sensual to say the least.

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