Review: DWNTWN & Wildcat! Wildcat! at The Echo

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This past Monday, I caught Wildcat! Wildcat!'s final residency at The Echo and they brought one of our favorite up-and-coming indie electro-pop bands in LA, DWNTWN. Read my review below. DWNTWN is a very unique band with an indie/electro/pop dance sound. They are extremely talented and have great stage presence with lead singer Jamie constantly dancing with the crowd and Robert jamming out on guitar while the drummer provides the rocking beat that wasn't previously heard from the band before summer. Their instrumentals sounded amazing, creating an awesome dance vibe and the fun just emanated in the room when they were performing on stage. Catch this act soon because they are heading towards mainstream success with a recent song, "See My Eyes" getting featured on local FM radio and their song "Believe Me", will be on tonight's episode of MTV's Real World. Watch their latest video, "See My Eyes", and my favorite DWNTWN song, "Transition". This was my first time seeing Wildcat! Wildcat! live and I couldn't be more pleased. While their released songs reveal hints of talent, the mp3s betray the band’s skill. Every note, beat, and melody the band played poured out through their instruments; their impassioned mannerisms made their love of music strikingly obvious. Unlike most bands, Wildcat! Wildcat! had not one, but two vocalists whose voices captured emotion so absolutely. Keep an eye on this group because they could enjoy similar success as MGMT had with their debut album! Watch "Mr. Quiche" and download "The Chief". Previous DWNTWN: "Alamo Square" x "See My Eyes" (Beataucue Remix) Previous Wildcat! Wildcat!: Hidden Gem feature

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