Review: Das Tapes and YNGCULT live at The Mint

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Earlier this month I caught my favorite electro-pop/new funkadelic duo Das Tapes and new electro-pop band YNGCULT live at The Mint, put together by Hunnypot Radio, which does fantastic free shows every week at The Mint! Here's my review below. Das Tapes brought out the dance with their funky electro sound that is just so damn catchy and fun to hear live. It's always a dance party when they perform and I'm always wondering why this band doesn't get more attention when I see them live. They are obviously super talented and catchy with a sound similar to Ghostland Observatory, Chromeo and Capital Cities yet don't get the same attention that those guys do. Hopefully that changes with time and more exposure from us and other awesome blogs. Here's "Fetish", their latest release and "Dynamite", another favorite of mine. Next came YNGCULT, who I'd never seen perform live before but heard great things from @BoomD. They are a solid indie electro-pop band who has potential for much success in the future as they have this soft yet wide-appeal electro pop sound that many can enjoy. Stream their debut EP, my two favorites are "Let's Get It Back" and "Sides Of War".

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