Review: Dangerflow, Rich Kid Sound System, Pangea Kidz and Rel. B live

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This past Wednesday I attended Brown Bag Wednesdays at The Green Room at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This show featured Rel. B, Pangea Kidz, Rich Kid Sound System, and Dangerflow. Click more to read my full review. I had low expectations for this free weekday show, mostly because I had only heard of 1 act (Rich Kid Sound System) and didn't expect a ton of talent on a weekday. However I came away impressed as I not only thought RKSS was amazing but discovered at least 2 new acts that I'm now a fan of. First to the stage was members of Dream Notez. The only one from the group worth talking about is Rel. B, a 20-year-old Brooklyn MC. He's got a distinct flow, positive upbeat stage presence with high energy and overall was a good opening to a great set of artists. My favorite is when he brought out singer Cleo J'adore for "Plane Flights". Listen to that below. Next to the stage was hip-hop fusion band Pangea Kidz. This group appeared on 106 & Park, played at the infamous Apollo Theatre and after seeing their performance I understood why. They have tons of energy with Chris, the lead singer, going all out on stage and then jumping off the stage singing and rapping in front of almost everybody at the show. They had some solid songs but the one that I remembered the most was the last song they did, "Jungle On My Neck". Stream that below. Next came my favorite Florida band, Rich Kid Sound System. They had the most impressive array of live songs from their debut hit "A Little Bit of Time" & "Give What You Give" to "Hey! Young Girl". However I wish they performed their Goyte remix and maybe it being more of a hip-hop show prevented them from performing that. Overall they were the most entertaining act of the night, I enjoyed every song they played and noticed the crowd feeling the same way. My favorite live was "I Want It All", a true hit that everybody whose young, wild and free will enjoy! Listen and download that below. Lastly came Dangerflow, a 7-piece all-male hip-hop/soul/rhythm band from Miami. They tout themselves as Miami's version of The Roots and it's hard to argue against that! I enjoyed almost all of their songs, however watching 7 dudes jam out on stage is a bit weird and maybe if they add some female dancers that would distract from so many guys on stage jamming out. Regardless, the talent and quality of their music cannot be ignored. My favorite they did was "Live Life". Watch the video below.

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