Review: Culture Collide 2012 Festival Block Party

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Last Sunday on October 7, I attended the last day of Filter Magazine's Culture Collide 2012 Festival. I saw many acts which included: Icona PopColorfeelsClass Actress, The Royal Teeth, Niki & The Dove, Poolside, The Moog and Of Montreal. Read my full review of these acts below and shout out to Filter Magazine for giving me press access and distributing most of the pictures you see below. I got there right when Swedeish DJ and Electropop duo Icona Pop started performing and from the beginning to end, there wasn't a song I didn't like! These two sexy chicks from Icona Pop not only danced and sang but also are accomplished DJs and really produce some catchy fun electro pop that anybody can dance to. It's real tough to pick a favorite but when they performed their latest single, "I Love It", the crowd seemed like they were dancing or singing along the most and the fun vibes of that track was musical bliss. They were definitely one of my top 3 favorite acts and I'm glad I got to tell them that when I saw them later. Watch the video to "I Love It" below. Next I went to the Red Bull Soundstage to catch Nashville indie band Colorfeels. They have a chill gentle sound that is pleasant to listen to during the day at which time they performed. I really dug when they harmonized their vocals on the chorus and also when when one of the dudes from the band played a couple different horn instruments through their set. My favorite was "Pretty Walk" in which they incorporated an instrument that Grizzly Bear uses in some of their songs. Hopefully that gives you the kind of vibe that Colorfeels brings. After them, I went back to the main stage to catch Class Actress, a Brooklyn synthpop trio I became familiar with due to their song "Weekend" getting play on How To Make It In America Season 2 Episode 5. However after seeing them live, I found that "Weekend" isn't even their only song to vibe to. They have tons of fun catchy alternative electronic pop tracks to dance to. Although the lead singer was awkward as she didn't dance at all and did weird things while singing, their music was still really catchy. However, I'd recommend them to have more energy and not seem like such hipsters by just standing in one place and performing as they sounded real good but seemed stiff. Stream "Journal of Ardency" below. Next I went back to the Red Bull stage to catch New Orleans alternative pop band The Royal Teeth. This was my favorite act of the day as they defined the word catchy with tunes that just grabbed your attention because of easy to sing along lyrics and instrumentals to vibe to. This is an extremely fun band to watch and impossible NOT to like! Watch the unofficial video to "Wild" below. Next I saw LA daytime disco act Poolside. If you haven't listened to their music yet, DO THAT RIGHT NOW! Their music is the best music to chill out to and just makes you feel good inside with positive disco vibes. Poolside records as a duo (pictured above) but performs live with 4 people, including someone on keys and a drummer not pictured above. Stream "Why You Wanna" below but please listen to all their music! Next I saw Niki & The Dove, a Swedish indietronica trio. If Cyndi Lauper and Prince had a baby and raised it as a hipster child influenced by 80's music, I think that would describe this group. At times their music was slow and over dramatic and other times they just got the crowd singing to their epic choruses. It's hard to pick a favorite song because many of them sounded like songs you would hear at large festivals, big arena's or on a spaceship in the year 2030. However their music has a strong 80's electro-pop influence but more alternative. A song I loved more because of this remix than the original is "DJ, Ease My Mind"; watch the video below. Next I went inside and saw Hungarian indie-rock band The Moog. They remind me of The Strokes or The Hives with a somewhat catchy rocking sound. Watch the video to "When I See You" below. Lastly I saw Of Montreal, veterens of the ever-growing indie rock scene who were not only weird but garnered the largest crowd of the night. Unfortunately I didn't catch their whole set but the song I loved the most was "Wraith Pinned to the Mist" which is the 1st song I've ever listened to from this band. Overall Culture Collide was once again a must-attend festival if you like discovering up-and-coming acts from all over the world.

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