Review: Carousel & Trails and Ways live at Bootleg Theatre

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure to catch indie electro pop duo Carousel and dream pop quartet, Trails and Ways, live at the Bootleg Theatre near Downtown Los Angeles. Read my review below. Unlike most shows, I felt the best act opened things up, which was Carousel. This was my third time catching them live and while I was super disappointed the crowd didn't know any of their songs and just folded their hands like the indifferent hipsters they were, Carousel still was electric and in a positive mood as they had a nice long road trip to Austin for SXSW to begin later that night. It's unfortunate the crowd, while packed to catch Carousel and the other acts, was so indifferent towards dancing or singing along; it left me with a bad taste to the customers of Bootleg Theatre but I think I have a solution. Since Bootleg Theatre is basically a warehouse, they need to implement some lasers or some heady light show and possibly add smoke to create a more lively atmosphere. Nonetheless I enjoyed seeing Carousel very much and even though their attempts to get the crowd to dance to their upbeat electro pop vibes, they kept their heads up and did a swell job. My only qualm with the band is wondering why they don't perform my favorite track by them, "Open Road", however covering Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" was awesome! Here's my favorite they did, "Games". Next came Oakland's Trails and Ways. I had heard of the band but didn't know any of their songs or what to expect from them but the name sounded super familiar, I just couldn't place it before seeing them. They start off making noises with their hands and mouths, no instruments for at least the first minute or two before they get going and I right away I'm really feeling their vibes. They describe their sound as "Bossa Nova Dream Pop" according to their facebook. I loved every part of their set, even them talking a bit too much between songs because they explained the concepts behind their music which ranged on songs about monogamy versus a song about polyamory that the cute bassist wrote. It seemed each of the four members of Trails and Ways write their own songs and I love how all members of the band sing, even with the drummer (who wore shades indoors) as the lead singer for a song he wrote. It's hard to pick one song from their set I liked the most since they all sounded so obscure yet easy to sing/dance along to because of the easy listening chill dreamy vibe. Also each of their songs has different vibes because each of the band members write songs so the drummer's song was more upbeat and rock while the bassist and lead guitarist songs were more soft pop while the rhythm guitarist/synthesizer's song were very dream pop like. Here's a song I remember a lot because it's the first song they did and how I fell in love with their music. Head to for more on the emerging act.

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