Review: Camp Lo and Pete Rock & CL Smooth live at The Roxy

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Last Saturday I witnessed one of the best hip-hop producers of all time, Pete Rock, reunite with CL Smooth to perform many of their classic hits as well as hear Camp Lo perform some oldies but goodies in hip-hop. It was a show with people of all ages and colors, mostly dudes and latin folk but overall a good sold-out vibe that was impossible not to sweat in the cosy confines of The Roxy in West Hollywood. Overall it was a fun show but I've learned that I will never love a hip-hop show over other genres if I can't rattle off most of hte lyrics to most of the songs. It's why I've never become a big fan of Busta Rhymes or Twista, their dialect is just too quick in rapping for me to repeat and follow along. However the production behind the old school hip-hop acts I saw, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and before them Camp Lo, really made me appreciate how the older hip-hop acts sampled quality old school jazz, soul and blues rhythms to create the songs that made them special. It's hard for me to quite remember my favorites that I didn't already enjoy because like I said earlier, for me it's tough to rap along to lyrics I hadn't previously heard. Below is my favorites from the acts I saw last Saturday at The Roxy. Would I recommend seeing these two acts live? Yes I would BUT ONLY IF there is at least 2-3 songs you absolutely love and at least another 2-3 you know pretty well.

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