Review: Brother Ruxpin, Keith Masters, Verbs and Awfully Awesome at The Mint

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Last week on Monday, I saw 4 different musicians perform in the back of The Mint for what was a packed audience performing hip-hop and electronic music in a crowded intimate space. The artists I saw included Keith MastersVerbs, Awfully Awesome and Brother Ruxpin DJing. Read my review below. I got there and 10 minutes later, my friend and rising electro hip-pop artist, Keith Masters, was on stage performing. He's got a great stage presence and did well even though the microphone was not up to quality, performing hits like "1988 Girls" and "Nobody But Me". Keep an eye out for him, as he's writing some great tracks that I see mainstream pop stars wanting to get their hands on! Stream "1988 Girls", "Nobody But Me" and the Ren Riz dance remix to "Nobody But Me". Next came Verbs who went to my high school and is quite the funny rapper. His raps are sometimes insightful, sometimes goofy as fuck but overall he's got a positive vibe that's easy to like. He won't be your favorite rapper but a rapper you wouldn't mind being friends with and hanging out with. Stream "Stop Acting like a Douche" and The Progress EP 3 (DOWNLOAD) Something I didn't expect to see at this show was former high school classmates of mine, and then seeing a former Hamilton High School classmate perform on stage was even more unexpected but that's what happened last Monday when Awfully Awesome and their posse/fans arrived 30 minutes prior to their performance. It was nice catching up with former high school classmates and their performance was even nicer. I enjoyed the production on most of their tracks and the rap duo was super friendly toward the audience, at one point, passing around a blunt for anybody who wanted to take a puff. Watch their latest music video, "You Already Know" and stream and download all their tracks on soundcloud. While I was at the show, in between sets, rising DJ/producer Brother Ruxpin was playing various jams. I enjoyed his energy and all the songs he played and want you to keep an eye out on him as he's going to get big in the future. You can learn more about him on SuperGoodMusic but in the meantime, here's his latest original production, "Got A Light" featuring Tru Collins, which is a dope dance pop track.

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