Review: Brokechella 2012

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[Photo credit: Justin Baker] Deep in the monotonous cracks of downtown LA, the 2nd-annual edition of Brokechella announced itself with a homemade cardboard & Christmas lights "Brokechella" sign. So appropriately designed, even a 2Pac mural greeted you upon entrance! A Jarritos truck garnished the DJ stage outside while the main stage faced a shipwreck themed bar in the quaint Six01 Studios. The detailed decor made it more like LowerMiddleClass-Chella than Broke but that just made the aesthetic of the event that much more pleasurable and entertaining. Aside from the eye-catching gold wall entrance art, the glam continued to the art cage, where cinder block stairs led you to an excitable tutu-wearing face paint artist and the flowery photo booth area, carefully designed by Amanda Wallace. , Goodies from sponsors like Popchips and Activate Water made early-comers feel even better about the "Afternoon Buzz" bar special while Starry Kitchen and Mucho Perro satisfied the hungry. The music was a blast, despite the occasional blown fuse that simply became a great Brokechella goer inside joke, featuring familiar acts including Infantree, Rumspringa and major crowd-pleaser, Das Tapes. Lesser knowns, such as The Dead Ships, rocked the house while DJ's like Robin People spun tracks under a mesmerizing LED light board. Brokechella's rebuttal to Coachella's hologram Tupac? Their very own custom-made Tupac pinata - now that's real 3D! All in all, your 5 bucks was well spent. Joey Stevens of Rumspringa even commented to the crowd, "This is a really well put-together event, which is ironic." No doubt, Brokechella is the place to be, whether you're too broke for Coachella or can only survive one desert weekend! -- -@Britt0Witt Editor's Note: What I loved most about the event besides the awesome up-and-coming musicians (Das Tapes especially), was the interactive art mural, unlimited drinks as lovable VIPs, and just meeting awesome nice people! By the way, Daren Criss from GLEE was apparently in attendance as was a spongebob squarepants pinata. There was never a moment during the evening that I didn't enjoy an artist's music! Shout out to cARTel who put the event together and sent us some of the photos you saw above. "Like" us on facebook and follow on twitter/instragram (@BeforeBigs) for more pictures from Brokechella.

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