Review: Ari Herstand live at Moishe House LA

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Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being invited to an intimate performance by singer/songwriter and live-looping musician Ari Herstand. I usually stray from singer/songwriter performances but Ari Herstand is a musician you need to see because of his diverse live-looping techniques, unique lyrics and amazing vocals. If you never seen live-looping before, it's something you need to experience and Ari Herstand takes full advantage of how awesome live looping is, playing the piano, guitar, horns and then adding beat-boxing and his vocals to make something incredible. It's hard to explain how it all comes together but when it does, it really sounds fantastic. Below watch him do an Adele cover in which he loops his vocals several times over some handmade beats and his song "Say What You Will" which shows why you need to see him perform live! For more on Ari Herstand, visit his website.

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