Remix Battle: Lana Del Rey "Video Games" *Kinetics & One Love vs The RedLand

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These aren't just two remixes to Lana Del Rey but in both songs they sample her song "Video Games", turning it into a hip-hop song with quality production and solid rhymes. Listen to both songs from Kinetics & One Love and newcomers The RedLand below and vote on which you like more! First we got a remix from hip-pop duo Kinetics & One Love. I love the music these guys put out and this latest remix to Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" is a must-listen that I really dig. Watch the unofficial video below. DOWNLOAD Kinetics & One Love - "Video Games" (Lana Del Rey Remix) The RedLand is an innovative group emerging from Atlanta, bringing a new Hip Hop sound to the music world. They categorize themselves as "Hip-Hop Evolved". Listen to "Bad Girls" (DOWNLOAD), in which The RedLand sample "Video Games". The song is off The RedLand's latest mixtape, The Life. The Party. Vote on which Lana Del Rey "Video Games" hip-hop remix you like more! [poll id="12"]

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