Remix Battle + 2 Videos: DVBBS *Voodoo Farm vs Volta

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So we kinda slipped on one of our favorite electronic duos and forgot to let you know about their music video trailers, which are about 1 minute long and feature so many slick visuals for a music video. The song creates the vibe, the video creates the story. Before we get to the two video trailer's DVBBS has released, here's two remixes from Voodoo Farm and newcomer Volta below to "DRVGS", one of my favorites from DVBBS. Which do you like more, the dubstep Voodoo Farm remix or the techno Volta remix (Download).[poll id="14"] Finally we got two 1-minute videos for you that's going to leave you wanting more. Don't blame me for teasing you with great music. Below are the first two of three parts to the music video trailer's DVBBS is releasing in anticipation for the full music videos and what I expect is a nationwide tour as these dudes are in high demand! Enjoy the videos below. Part 3 INFINITUM, Coming Soon! Previous: DVBBS - DRVGS (TYR Remix)

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