RAC - Hollywood ft. Penguin Prison *must-download SMOOTH sound

Short link https://tfn.tw/9ih/
Andre Allen Anjos known as RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is up-and-coming producer whose popularity has soared for taking songs and remixing them in a different direction of the song. Now he's releasing something brand new... and originally produced track and guess what, it's SMOOTH as fuck! With more than 200 remixes to date, along with a Soundcloud community of nearly 12,000 followers, its surprising that, until now, an original single had not yet been released. Green Label Sound approached Anjos about working together and he was ready, "the thing that really sold me was the reputation, you know, with the other songs they've already done. People that I really like have released music on this label, so I'm very proud to be part of that." He also immediately brought up Penguin Prison, "it was such an obvious choice...We like the same things, same chords, same sounds." The two had previously worked together on a track in 2009 ("Worse It Gets") when Penguin Prison liked Anjos' remix so much they actually replaced the original version on the album with it. Here's RAC's 1st originally produced track featuring Penguin Prison called "Hollywood". Read more to hear RAC's remix to Penguin Prison's "Worse It Gets" and a 140+ soundcloud stream set of RAC's other remixes.  

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