Preview: The six must-see musicians performing at Pacific Festival 2014!

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This Saturday August 16 marks the 3rd annual Pacific Festival which will be held at The Dunes in Newport Beach, California. It's a great location with DJs and bands performing on or near the beach, there should be beautiful weather present and hopefully a laid back fun ambiance in what should be a very fun one-day music festival. This will be my third time attending the Southern California festival in which I've discovered some real talented artists. Here's the set times: Below are the six acts I'm most excited to see on Saturday (purchase tickets here)! Poolside - The band that epitomizes Pacific Festival is Poolside! Their genre is best described as Daytime-Disco as they bring this chill dance vibe that's perfect for outdoor day-time partying! Their laid back vibe really is a great mid-day opener for all the above acts I've mentioned as they will get people starting to dance and falling in love with the beautiful weather of Southern California. They have performed at every Pacific Festival and the people behind this festival should never stop booking them, they are the spirit of Pacific Festival! Here's my favorite song from them, "Do You Believe" plus a free mix they put out recently. Holy Ghost!  - I saw them briefly at Coachella 2014 and knew almost every song but for them to headline this festival is real impressive but not a surprise considering both their album releases (2011's self-titled debut and 2013's Dynamics) are critically acclaimed and full of fun indie electro-pop tracks that hipsters can shake their hips to. Here's 2 of my favorite tracks below. Bag Raiders - I saw this Australian electro synth pop/indie dance duo 3 years ago at the inaugural Pacific Festival (insert your review link) which was an amazing festival to cover and Bag Raiders were one of my favorite acts there that I knew hardly any music from, along with Poolside. This group is a must-see, especially if you get the rare opportunity to see them perform with their full band, although their DJ set in 2012 at Pacific Festival wasn't bad but seeing them perform "Shooting Stars" and "other track name" with their band is AWESOME, however a DJ set on Saturday will be hella chill! Here's my 2 favorite songs from them plus a DJ mix they made for Pacific Festival. Miami Horror - Another Australian import like Bag Raiders, this band has an electronic synth rock/pop vibe that I absolutely love. The instrumentals are so catchy and have this disco dance vibe and they are a band that will make you dance! Here's my 2 favorites from them. Moon Boots - An American DJ making French House, this guy is on the come up in the EDM scene. I admit, my close friend Adrian and I have had monthly conversations on how awesome his original tunes and remixes are as we are big fans of the disco-house/nu-disco/french house/deep house genres which Moon Boots fits. He probably needs 1 or 2 different crazy good vocalists like a Sam Smith or Aloe Blacc to really get that mainstream attention but luckily he closes out the Club Called Rhonda stage at Pacific Festival and is sure to delight with his bouncy dance tunes. Here's my two favorites, "Sugar" and his remix to CHRVCHES "Mother We Share". De Lux - This post-punk/indie dance band that compares to !!!LCD Soundsystem and Talking Heads is quite the treat with their electronic rock vibe that gets you dancing. I love bands that make you dance and while they may not be as catchy as some of the above acts, they have this sound that brings you in and is quite fun to listen to live. Here's "Better At Making Time". So with these six acts above and a couple others I'm also excited for like Cooper Saver and Plastic Plates & Sam Sparro, it's sure to be a fun music festival that I can't wait for! For more information, visit

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