Preview + Giveaway: Culture Collide Festival, October 10-12, 2013

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This Thursday through Saturday in Echo Park, Los Angeles is the upcoming Culture Collide Festival put together by the wonderful people at Filter Magazine who have graciously offered us a pair of wristbands to giveaway! Email us at with the subject including Culture Collide and who you are most excited to see to win the pair, winners will be selected Wednesday at 5pm. Check out for more info and purchase tickets on Ticketfly, it's only $30 to see around 70 musicians perform!!! This will be my 3rd year attending the diverse weekend music festival which features musicians all over the world. Several acts I've become huge fans of after hearing them at Culture Collide include Icona PopRoyal Teeth, PoolsideClassixxCSSAsteroids Galaxy Tour, and Datarock. This years lineup continues the tradition of diverse musicians from all over the world which includes several personal favorites of ours including Miami HorrorPlastic Plates, The Silent Comedy, Chateau Marmont, GRMLN, Gemini Club, Mystery Skulls and Ghost Wave. Miami Horror (performing Thursday (DJ) & Friday (Band), midnight, Echo & Echoplex) The act I'm most excited about and have been dying to see live is Australian electro-pop act Miami Horror, who will be DJing and performing as a band during the three day Culture Collide. I particularly love the disco-house influence that I hope will create a fun dance vibe yet also catchy sing-along moments during hits like "I Look To You" and "Holidays". Stream their latest single "Real Slow" and my favorite, "Holidays". Plastic Plates (performing Thursday 11pm, Echoplex) Performing right before Miami Horror on Thursday is Australian DJ Plastic Plates who has some great remixes that I look forward to hearing during his set Thursday night. However he also has a couple originals I've been digging lately so stream "Things I Didn't Know I Loved" and his remix to Strange Talk's "Cast Away". The Silent Comedy (Performing Friday, 7pm at the World Stage) Although The Silent Comedy are playing the world stage on Friday night, they bring their saloon rock from San Diego. First time I discovered The Silent Comedy was May 2011, seeing them open for The Steelwells at The Roxy (review here). In my review, I mentioned that, "This is a group you need to see live to appreciate". So if you may be hesitant to like them from hearing the songs below, you should be interested as they have a diverse rock sound that has roots in Americana, blues and folk. Stream "Exploitation" and my favorite "Bartholomew". Chateau Marmont (performing Saturday, 3:30pm at Taix Champagne room and 10:30pm at Lot 1 Cafe) This group I'm most intrigued by because I love upbeat electro pop/rock that has a vibe that's easy to groove to. Chateau Marmont is a 3-piece group from France who I expect big things from in the future, especially if they can follow up the "Wind Blows" EP with a major label deal and a world wide tour opening for Justice. Anyways stream the Wind Blows EP below, I absolutely love "Wind Blows" and "Wargames". GRMLN (performing Thursday, 8pm at The Echo) Yoodoo Park, also known as GRMLN describes his music on facebook as a Ratchet Rock band but I'd like to argue it sounds like a beach rock kind of vibe that's upbeat. I don't know much about GRMLN except Yoodoo Park is Japanese-born native to California based in Santa Cruz, Orange County and San Francisco. Stream and DOWNLOAD "Night Racer" below. Gemini Club (performing Friday, 10pm at Echoplex) Gemini Club is a four-piece indie electronica band from Chicago who I initially discovered from their remixes but also found they have some pretty fun indie electronic pop/rock originals that make them worth seeing live. Stream their latest release "Sparklers" and "Mirrors". Mystery Skulls (performing Friday, 11pm at Echoplex) Talk about an Indie electropop band who got on the scene in 2011 and real quick landed a major record deal with Warner Music Group in June 2013. He hasn't released a ton but most I've talked to agree he is a must-see live act. Stream "Ghost" below. Ghost Wave (performing Thursday, 10:30pm at Taix Champagne Room and Friday 8pm at Echo Park United Methodist Church) If the band is from Australia or New Zealand and is upbeat, you got my attention. That's what Ghost Wave has done but they are different from other acts in their area in that they are more on the old school garage rock vibe. Watch "Country Rider" below. Stream our 30-track Spotify playlist below to hear some more songs by the acts above and songs from some other musicians we didn't mention.

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