PK @ The Roxy, 6/15

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[caption id="attachment_7186" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Photo by M. Depauw"][/caption] "I don't like the parking in this town!" singer, Travis Hawley, joked to the crowd. Playing their first show at The Roxy in Hollywood (and overall second gig in Tinsel Town), the San Luis Obispo based PK was more than ready to rock the legendary venue. The crowd was so exhilarated just at the sight of these hunks, Travis really could have said anything and they'd go wild. The vitality of the room was hardly one-sided despite PK's odd shyness and preference to play straight through their set with hardly a break. The show kicked off with quick-paced "The Catch," and Travis didn't waste any time scaling the truss. Monkeying around is these fellas specialty - the rousing energy in their pop meets punk rock songs is no doubt a product of their vigorous spirits, which radiate off the stage and flood their diverse fans. PK started "1920" with Travis playing an acoustic guitar smiling as he told the crowd, "Alright, watch me mess this up." This acoustic opening led to an unexpected flare into the whole band pounding their instruments, accelerating the overall pace of the song and throwing the crowd into an uproar. The synth-laden "Some Nights" proved to be a great excuse for all the members to show off their inner rockstar - bassist Mikel Van Kranenburg played with his appendage lifted in the air as guitarists Matt Depauw and Nick Fotinakes synchronized and jumped around stage. Drummer, Rico Rodriguez was unstoppable regardless of the heavy percussion load of each song. Most of the onlookers mouthed every word and if they couldn't do that, they were certainly jumping to the music. Travis' astute articulation shined in their single, "London" as the power in their heavy chords amped up the instrumentals. Although PK live nearly mirrors their sound in the studio, their stage presence trumps any recording: oozing power, potential and utter command, leaving the crowd no choice but to hang on their every note. Their boyish charm swoons and their sincere talent makes them inextinguishable, plus their attitude combined with the sanguine melodies prove its just a matter of time before rockstar is more than just an attitude. Setlist: The Catch Sea Wolves Innocence Some Nights Not In Love 1920 London Berelain Get a dose of PK with their track, "London": [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

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