Official Music Video: Tayyib Ali - "Keystone State of Mind"

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[youtube ngrF_i3irJs] Tayyib Ali dropped the official music video for the first single “Keystone State of Mind” off of his upcoming mixtape with the same name. This mixtape is set to release in late April. Tayyib has the makings to be a huge star in the near future and I have no doubt that he will reach mainstream success. He has a simple yet amazing flow over catchy beats (not overdoing it with the banger electronic beats). Tayyib keeps it original and does not seem to sell out which is what I love about his music. I am sorry everyone but there will be no download link for this track until the Keystone State of Mind mixtape drops next month. However, Enjoy these awesome visuals and I promise more great music is coming from this Philly rapper.

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