Official Music Video: Mac Miller - "Wear My Hat"

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[youtube bbhgzA98IAY] I think it's safe to say that Mac Miller is now considered a very successful and mainstream hip-hop artist (even though he hasn't released his debut album yet). He has been touring all over the place the last 6 months or so, selling out all of his shows and coming out with awesome new tracks in the process. Pittsburgh has really carved themselves into a hip-hop mecca that is only getting better. Anyway, above is the official music video to "Wear My Hat". I won't lie, this is not my favorite song of his but the visuals are awesome with attractive women in it as always. This video was once again directed by Rex Arrow and he never disappoints with his film work. Keep up the great work Mac, you are only getting bigger and better. Enjoy! Download: Mac Miller - "Wear My Hat"

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