Exclusive premier: Electric Drip - "Encounter" (Video)

Short link https://tfn.tw/9ku/

We've been covering Los Angeles based dubstep duo Electric Drip for quite sometime now. They have been rather busy in the studio as of late and working on some awesome new projects. Today I present you all with the exclusive release of the official music video to their newest track "Encounter". It is an extremely hilarious and very entertaining video to watch. Not to mention the production value is top notch. I especially love how Kody of the duo is dressed as a cop chasing Justin who is a masked robber with an alien invasion occurring at the same time. I also notice that the chase goes right past Rob Dyrdek's infamous Fantasy Factory. As a whole, it was a great video that gave me a nice little laugh and much needed break from work. Look for the exclusive stream of "Encounter" by us in the coming weeks. In the meantime enjoy this awesome and funny video!

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