New! The Dean's List - "La Vie"

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[youtube SZxa2lv6i2M] "La Vie", the name of The Dean's List newest track just dropped earlier today which will get you on your feet! It is off their upcoming mixtape, The Drive-in, which will release next month and has great electronic instrumentals mixed by DJ Mendoza with Sonny Shots killing it on the flow of the lyricism as he always does. Download: The Dean's List - "La Vie" (The Life) I got a chance to hang out with them last week and they gave me a sneak preview of all the tracks on The Drive-in and I can for sure tell you all that they are growing out of the college rap stage and taking their talents to the next level. You will be hearing a lot from them this year as they have been quite busy with a lot of new things which their fans with enjoy! Exclusive interview with The Dean's List coming soon. Keep a look out!

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