new mixtape! K. Flay – MASHed Potatoes

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K. Flay's latest mixtape is so dope! It's FIRE!

Please download and support this indie rap artist who hails from Illinois, went to Stanford University, and currently lives in SF. She is going on the Campus Consciousness Tour in October with Passion Pit. Find more info about it on her homepage and like her on facebook if you like this mixtape.

Recently, K. Flay released MASHed Potatoes and I enjoy just about every song on it. My favorites are "CRAZYtown" for it's lyrics, "ON the bridge" for it's Chili Pepper sample, and "love in this CLUB MED" for its Usher sample and sweet lyrics.

Download: K. Flay - MASHed Potatoes
Band Camp Link (Listen to each song before you download)

I thought I posted this song on the blog before but here's the reason why I like K. Flay.  2 Weak by K.Flay by JanMike415 

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