New Hands - Tulips

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Venturing into a new territory, New Hands have released "Tulips" as the first single off of their debut album. Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, these five fellas only seek to inspire and satisfy their listeners. Falling into the more mellow side of electronic, Spence Newell's vocals mirror Dave Gahan's (Depeche Mode) circa 1987, deep and melodic. Chiming synths and crisp hi-hats provide a pleasant contradiction especially during a busy chorus with Spence shouting "Don't ever compare me to him!" They've got special homemade singles available at your own price on their Facebook and if that isn't enough for you, you can always indulge in their handsome half-naked (upper half, duh). New Hands are busy at work in the studio to churn out rhythms you can dance and sing along to. "Tulips" is available for free download off of their Bandcamp.

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