New Hands - "This I've Heard" x "Through The Woodwork"

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I don't know much about this indie-pop group New Hands, but what I've heard so far, I really enjoy. They provide a very interesting sound that after a little maturity as musicians, can really be something special. Ill let them explain the rest of what they are about from an email they sent us: "The group go together in highschool, inspired by an array of styles and sounds. This collection of influences we see as colours; colours that make us want to dance and create our own music. This is our common language, a way to communicate without insults. Now in University, ready to exit our teenage years, we thought it fitting to have our first release." This first release they are talking about are awesome tracks of theirs called "This I've Heard" and "Through The Woodwork". Take a look for yourself. I'm sure you will agree that this group, even after just one track, has something special in the works. Enjoy!

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