Mim0sa, GRiZ, Sir CharLes and Jordan Sanchez at Revolution Live

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So last Sunday I moved to South Florida and in less than a week I decided to attend Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale to see Bakers Dozen Presents Mim0sa & GRiZ at Revolution Live. My review is below of the four DJs who perform, Jordan Sanchez, Sir CharLes, GRiZ, and Mim0sa. I get to the venue and there's no more than 50 people there. However after Jordan Sanchez finished his set and Sir CharLes came on, there was no less than 500 people, with the crowd getting larger and larger as GRiZ and then Mim0sa performed. The first DJ I saw was Jordan Sanchez. I get backstage and after meeting him and Sir CharLes, Sanchez suddenly decides he wants to start performing, so he runs to the stage and starts his set. His set, much like his personality, is high energy and electric. While I was mostly backstage during his set, I really liked how his sound featured various type of dance and house music. Although I really dug his set and thought it was a great way to open the show for the rest of the DJs, I can't quite figure out what my favorite part of the set was, so here's a 6 track set from Jordan Sanchez' project with Adrian Moussa called Your Friends. Next came Sir CharLes who I spoke with the most that night among the DJs. He has tons of energy during his set and really got the crowd ready for the headliners. This up-and-coming DJ is a must-watch act as he's going to blow up, headlining all over the  country within a couple years or so! Again I was so distracted by his high energy and myself having such a good time it's hard for me to pick exactly any part of his set I enjoyed the most, so here's music from his 4-track EP he released several months ago, which are a mix of Sir CharLes remixes but with his own sound showing up prominently. Next came GRiZ, who is quickly becoming a highly mainstream act that everyone will know about at year's end. He's real dedicated to the music, hard to put his sound into words as he has a mix of influences apparent in his sound. Here's two recent originals from GRiZ that displays his immense talents. Lastly came Mim0sa. Again I was real distracted by good conversations and good times at Revolution Live that it's hard to pinpoint my favorite part of his set but if there's any song from him that I demand you all to lsiten to, it's "Sanctuary" a must-download from the rising DJ who has become a huge mainstream headlining act in the last 6 months. Overall this was an epic show to prepare myself for Miami Music Conference, a week of the best DJs embarking on shows in Miami. Credit Shawn Hagood with the photo above and you will see more of his photos later today on our FB page!

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