Miles - Expose EP (Sponsored by Before the Bigs)

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Today, we bring you a change of pace from our usual stuff, the Expose EP by Miles, a three-piece indie band out of Brooklyn, NY. We posted the single "Rust Belt" a few weeks ago, and Miles backs it up with 4 more songs that are all super tight, polished, and catchy. Typically, when I think of indie rock, I think of simple songs with some constant guitar strumming patterns and someone talk-singing. Miles' music is the direct opposite. Throughout the album, Miles' singer Marc Plotkin shows tremendous vocal range along with crazy dexterity on the guitar, while drummer Jonathan Smith bangs out nuanced rhythms and bassist Ben Jacobs supplies tight, smooth counterpoint on the bass. All of the songs on the album are totally catchy, and although the music is pretty chilled out throughout the EP, you'll find the songs stuck in your head. The soaring hooks will definitely have you singing along before your first listen is even over. Miles' music is full of excellent songwriting and tight instrumentation, very similar to bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Vampire Weekend. I think you'll definitely be hearing a lot from these guys in the near future. [soundcloud url="" height="200"] Download: Miles - Expose EP Follow Miles: Twitter/Facebook/Official Website

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