Mike Stud - "In This Life" (featuring Loggy)

Short link https://tfn.tw/92m/
Mike Stud and Loggy have a lot in common. Though one enjoys the California beaches in the west coast and the other prefers the cold D.C. weather; these two were both college athletes (Mike Stud: Pitcher at Duke) and (Loggy: Wide receiver for Cal Golden Bears) and the fact that they both are doing what they love which is making great music. That would only make sense as to why they would collaborate on a song which they recently have. It's called "In This Life" and you can see the music video below: [youtube SRIHbwoaX64] I think this an awesome video as it gives a story into their lives, struggles and what they hope to accomplish. I think it's also cool when they show some highlights of them playing their respective division I sport. Even if their athletic careers did not go they way they may have wanted it too; they are keeping a positive attitude and making great music in the process. Enjoy! Download: Mike Stud - "In This Life" (featuring Loggy)

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