Mashup Monday: DJ JewBoy

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DJ JewBoy, who most of the college music blogs have been all over, is a mashup artist from Chicago. I like him not only because he's Jewish but because he makes some awesome mashups. This guy can become the next Girl Talk with how he mixes a ton of songs together to make for some awesome catchy mashup's.

Our friends at Fab4 already did a post on him, but I had to wait til today to give you two of DJ JewBoy's latest mashups, "Naps for Narcolepsy" and "Sleepy Secrets" which will be on his tenth mixtape, Keepin It Is-Real Vol. 2 coming out later this week according to GMAD. Jewboy - Sleepy Secrets by Fab4music

If you liked "Sleepy Secrets" (which I love because of Passion Pit being used in it), then download "Naps for Narcolepsy", trust me it's really good.

Download DJ Jewboy's last three mixtapes: Boy vs. Goy, Chrome Kippur and Keepin It Is-Real Vol. 1

For more DJ Jewboy, check out his discography which is on his facebook. Enjoy!

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