Machine Gun Kelly - Half Naked and Almost Famous

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In all honesty, I think Machine Gun Kelly is arguably the most talented rapper in the game today. I mean, his flow is super fast, while still being tight. Also, the dude goes hard. MGK has completely distanced himself from the "frat rap" label given to most other white rappers because he raps about hardships along with his traditional tales of raging and getting f'cked up. A few days ago, MGK dropped a new single, "Half Naked and Almost Famous," featuring a nice sample from the New Zealand band, the Naked and Famous. MGK delivers again with his lightning fast flow over a sure-fire party jam. How can you not want to rage when MGK raps about partying all night and ending with a skinny dip in someone else's pool at 5 am? [soundcloud url=""] Keep a serious eye on MGK. Rumor has it that a deal has already been inked with Diddy and Bad Boy Records. He's already slated to be the opener for Diddy Dirty Money's upcoming tour. MGK is seriously one of the most hardworking dudes in the game, and it's awesome to finally see it pay off. Also, follow MGK on Facebook or Twitter. He's really entertaining. He's also most definitely a crazy person...but what rappers aren't?

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